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Guide to Play the Keno Online Sbobet Game

Guide to Play the Keno Online Sbobet Game

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Guide to Play the Keno Online Sbobet Game: Sbobetpress as the official game agent from sbobet will explain this keno game. Keno is a game that is very easy to play, especially if you have tried the old TTS game / lottery. The player must choose a number (also called points) which he hopes will be selected in the image. Players can usually choose between 1 and 15 selected numbers, with different prices available depending on the number of locations chosen.

When a game is played, 20 numbers are selected in the range of 1 to 80. After being selected, the results are compared with the number of matches from 20 player numbers. If there are enough matches, players will win and get prizes.

Of course, how many numbers must match correctly and the corresponding price varies according to the type of number chosen by the player. If you only choose one number, for example, you choose the number, you can win with a probability of 3-1 (remember that payment in this game does not include returning your initial bet, so with a bet of 1000 IDR (win 3000 rupees with a profit of 2,000 rupees) Bet 10 points, and only those who win five or more can win prizes: the more you win, the more wins and the more you will be available if you can match every 10.

How to calculate the Keno game online

If you still don't understand the calculation of this online keno game, we will explain it in more detail below:

  • Payment: If you choose 1 (one) number, this number matches our ticket; If you put it in the right direction, the price you get is 2: 1.
  • Payment: If you choose 3 (three) numbers, if you succeed in choosing 2 (two) numbers with the correct goal, the price you get is even higher, that is, 4:11.
  • Payment: Well, if you have lost a lot and want to release your capital, you have to place it higher if you want to quickly provide your capital, just install 6 (six) digits but with 6 (six) digits to choose a minimum of 3 digits, if you can guess 3 (three) numbers, the price you get is 1500: 1.
  • Payment: the more you install, the higher the price, for example, if you enter 10 (ten) digits, you only need to guess the exact number of at least 5, the profit will return to 100,000.

That's all we can say about how to play the Keno game online. I hope this is useful. If there are still obstacles that you don't understand, you can go directly to our live chat to get additional confirmation, so we invite you to understand it. thank you

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